Paris: What to see in 2 and a half days

Day 1

After a 7 hours bus trip to Paris and with only two days and a half to see everything, we decided to start with the basics and went for a stroll heading to Place Vendôme, the Opera Garnier, the Louvre and its surrounding gardens.


As I am always travelling on a budget we went almost everywhere by foot and that really is the best way to know a city, I believe!

Arriving at the Seine river, we just strolled trough the banks. The next destination: D’Orsay museum and the Petit and Grand Palais.


We then crossed one of the cinematic bridges across the Seine and started going in the opposite direction. When we got to the Notre Dame Cathedral the sun began to set and the souvenir stalls around were starting to close. Side note: it’s incredible how cheap souvenirs are compared to everything else in the city.


Day 2

First thing in the morning, we went to the Eiffel Tower, had coffee in one of those typical Parisienne cafes (to get some energy for the long walk ahead), checked our route on the map and went for L’Arc du Triomphe. We kept going down the Avenue du Champs-Elysées and eventually stopped to grab a quick lunch at McDonald’s (honesty above all). After that, we went for a look at the latest fashions in the Galeries Lafayette and at Printemps.


Finally, we decided to go to Montmartre, the famous bohemian district, in the 18th arrondissement, we saw the Moulin Rouge on Boulevard Clichy and went all the way up for the breathtaking Basilique du Sacré-Coeur.

Day 3

With only a few ours before catching the bus back home, we headed for Belleville to check out some of the famous street art but ended up getting distracted with an Asian supermarket and just spent what time we had left roaming around its hypnotic shelves full of delicacies from that continent.


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