Miyajima Island: What to expect


Going to Miyajima Island is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, whether you are in Hiroshima for a few days or you travel there on for that alone.

The Ferry

The view from the ferry is incredible, the ride to the island is worthwhile in itself.


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Miyajima Ferry Port

The Deers

When you read that you may see some wild deers around you will most likely think that with some luck you can see one or two… I was completely taken by surprise when I arrived, it was a beautiful sunny day, and there were dozens of them roaming around, some sleeping, some eating, some trying to steal your food.


There are many great places to eat in this village. It could have been because I was so hungry, on this day I had one of the best karaage chicken I ever did.

Itsukushina Shrine

It’s a Shinto shrine located on the island, most famous for its ”floating” torii gate, it’s a  UNESCO World Heritage Site.



If you have the time you can also go to the top of Mount Misen, you can reach it walking along one of the various hiking trails or taking the cable car and comfortably enjoy the view.

How do you get to Miyajima Island?

In Hiroshima catch the train to Miyajimaguchi, after arriving at the station the ferry port is just a few steps away.

If you have the JapanRail Pass the train from Hiroshima and the ferry are included.


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